TDS Leadership

A. Carlo P. Gavino, MD
Lakeway, TX

Laura Haygood, MD
Tyler, TX

Vice President
Brent Spencer, MD
Frisco, TX

Mara Dacso, MD
Addison, TX

TDS Trustees
Stephanie Savory, MD
Dallas, TX

Russell Akin, MD
Midland, TX

Anisha Patel, MD
Houston, TX

Resident Representatives
Pavela Bambekova, MD (UTHSCSA)
San Antonio, TX

Jamael Thomas, MD (UT Houston)
Houston, TX

Newsletter Editor
Sarah Pinney, MD
Houston, TX

Immediate Past President
Travis Vandergriff, MD
Fort Worth, TX

Past President
Catherine Harrell, MD
Fort Worth, TX

Program Coordinators
Erica Kelly, MD
Galveston, TX

Conner Chan, MD
Baytown, TX

AAD Advisory Board Representative
Angela Moore, MD
Arlington, TX

Alternate AAD Advisory Board Representative
Ryan Hick, MD
Southlake, TX

Texas Carrier Advisor Committee
Stephen D. Maberry, MD, Chair
Ft. Worth, TX

TDS Legislative/Socioeconomic Committee
Michael Graves, MD, Senior Committee Chair
Austin, TX

Laura Haygood, MD, Alternate Committee Chair
Tyler, TX

Representatives to the TMA House of Delegates
Laura Haygood, MD, Delegate
Michael Graves, MD, Alternate Delegate

Nominating Committee
Travis Vandergriff, MD
Catherine Harrell, MD
Conner Chan, MD
Executive Director
Laura Madole
401 W. 15th Street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 370-1502

Past Presidents

*Maurice G. Barnes, MD    1953-54
 *Paul H. Power, MD    1954-55
 *Earl B. Ritchie, MD    1955-56
 *Thomas L. Shields, MD    1956-57
 *Charles D. Stewart, MD    1957-58
 *Earl Loftis, MD    1958-59
 *Edmund N. Walsh, MD    1959-60
 *Malcolm W. Harrison, MD    1960-61
 *Duncan O. Poth, MD    1961-62
 *D. Shelton Blair, MD    1962-63
 *Earl R. Cockerell, MD    1963-64
 *J. Franklin Campbell, MD    1964-65
 *M. Allen Forbes, MD    1965-66
 *Shirley S. Bowen, MD    1966-67
 *William E. Flood, MD    1967-68
 *Arthur C. Ressmann, MD    1968-69
 *J.B. Richardson, MD    1969-70
 *Morris Polsky, MD    1970-71
 *Coleman Jacobson, MD    1971-72
 *Henry D. Garrett, MD    1972-73
 *J. Murray Riddell, MD    1973-74
 *Eugene P. Schoch, MD    1974-75
 *H. Fred Johnson, MD    1975-76
 *James H. Strauch, MD    1976-77
 *William F. Spiller, MD    1977-78
 *J.B. Howell, MD    1978-79
 *Manuel G. Bloom, MD    1979-80
 James D. Maberry, MD    1980-81
 Ivan W. Kuhl, MD    1981-82
 *John M. Knox, MD    1982-83
 Jerry H. Stephens, MD    1983-84
 Wray B. McCash, MD    1984-85
 R.A. Stevenson, Jr., MD    1985-86
 *Rachel F. Spiller, MD    1986-87
 Dennis Newton, MD    1987-88
 *Robert G. Freeman, MD    1988-89
 Edward M. Shapiro, MD    1989-90
 R. Edward Spencer, MD    1990-91
 *Marvin E. Chernosky, MD    1991-92
 Charles W. Lewis, MD    1992-93
 Norman C. Guzick, MD    1993-94
 Philip W. Giles, MD    1994-95
 M. Alan Menter, MD    1995-96
 Richard DeVillez, MD    1996-97
 Beverly L. Held, MD    1997-98
 Stuart Brown, MD    1998-99
 *William R. Holder, MD    1999-00
 *David D. Madorsky, MD    2000-01
 Shelly A. Sekula-Gibbs, MD    2001-02
 D. Scott Miller, MD    2002-03
 Clay J. Cockerell, MD    2003-04
 Lisa A. Garner, MD    2004-05
 Ronald S. Davis, MD 2005-06
 Ronald Rapini, MD    2006-07
 Dan McCoy, MD    2007-08
 Sharon Raimer, MD    2008-09
 Stephen K. Tyring, MD, PhD    2009-10
 Rebecca Euwer, MD    2010-11
 David Butler, MD    2011-12
 Michael Wilkerson, MD    2012-13
 Dayna G. Diven, MD    2013-14
 A. Chad Hartmann, MD   2014-15
Cloyce L. Stetson, MD  2015-16
Angela Yen Moore, MD  2016 - 17
Seemal Desai, MD 2017-18
Allison Readinger, MD 2018 - 19
Conner Chan, MD 2019-20
Catherine Harrell, MD 2020-21
Travis Vandergriff, MD 2021-22
A. Carlo Gavino, MD 2022-23