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Networking Opportunities
* Close to 1000 Dermatologists in Texas are members.
* Each member receives access to the annual TDS membership directory online, a guide to all members around the state.

Information for Practices
* Members are kept abreast of all issues -including legal, economic, and political, effecting the practice of dermatology in Texas.
* Members receive “The Texas Dermatologist” bi-annual newsletter.

Legislative Activities
* The TDS, through its lobbying activities and its strong relationship with Texas Medical Association, influences legislation affecting your business as a dermatologist and the practice of medicine in Texas.
* TDS researches and supports legislation that promotes public health, such as tanning, body piercing regulation, and physician dispensed products.

New Developments in the Field of Dermatology
* TDS hosts two annual scientific meetings, which look at some of the most recent developments in the field of dermatology.
* Reduced meeting fees for members and free for Resident Members!

Resident Membership
* Membership for residents and fellows is free.
* Meeting fees are free for Resident Members, and housing stipends for meetings are available to residents enrolled in a certified program in Texas.
* Podium and Poster Competition opportunities.

TDS has demonstrated professional competence, ethical standards, and personal conduct which reflect favorably upon the practice of dermatology as judged by the members of the Society.

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